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Urban Helmets

Urban Helmets USA is a motorcycle helmet company that originated in Brazil. A division of taurus Helmets Brasil, - the second largest motorcycle helmet manufacturer in the world. The USA market was first introduced to this company through California. Collaborating always with the best, and always supporting the local scene. Now Urban Helmets USA has been recently introduced to the East Coast, through Miami Florida. Working alongside one of the largest helmet factories in South America and with their 40 years of experience, Urban Helmets USA is determined to disrupt the outdated motorcycle helmet market. 

Urban Helmets is on a mission to deliver freedom and security to the American customer. We value originality and look forward to bringing unique products to all riders.

Don’t get confused- We are about quality over quantity. We do not guarantee that any style/color will be reproduced after they sell out. If you like something, BUY IT when you can. Urban is not like any other company so we do not behave the same. We are constantly releasing new styles and colors , so riders can expect fresh and unique products, always!!! You can be confident that when you join the Urban Family, you are wearing something that not many people may get their hands on.

You’ve been warned!! Don’t complain to us when something it is sold out. If you don’t understand, Urban is not for you.

Ride Safe and Haul Ass. See you on the road!!!
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