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Decorative Skateboard Decks by Armando Marquez

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Decorative Skateboard Decks by Armando Marquez

Technique: Acrylic on Guatambu Wood

Unique piece of art (1 of each deck, no new editions)

80 x 20 cm

Armando Marquez is a former student of the National Center for the Arts (CENAR), graduated with a degree in Design and Illustration and Plastic Arts from the University of Palermo, Argentina.

Márquez, 28, is the artist who illustrated the interior of the Surf City plane, which the Government of El Salvador and the Avianca company presented on February 1, 2022.

Being a skater, he quickly developed a passion for the Surf-Art movement and has worked with international brands such as Quicksilver.

News from the artist:

Instagram: @amarquezart