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KYTONE is a philosophy of life based on the riding culture.

We manufacture quality products with authenticity, style and function to guarantee you fair and durable items.

In the era of fast consumption, we decided to take our time with a manufacturing close to the craftsmen, the workshops, their know-how.

We work with the workshops according to their skills in France, Italy, Portugal or England.

From you to us, through our workshops, we all share the same values.

The materials are essential to guarantee the durability of our products and their daily comfort. We collaborate with houses such as the British Millerain (England) which has been weaving since 1880 for famous brands. As well as with French velvets, Italian cottons or Japanese denim

Kytone was born in 2014 with the desire to offer quality clothes to fans of bikes, road trips and custom culture, made in Europe. Strong and stylish clothes, suitable for both office and nomadic life. Some products, like the Pot’Cho, or our gloves, have become benchmarks, and we now have more than 100 resellers around the world! Despite all of this, Kytone remains a small brand, close to its customers, both individuals and professionals. This proximity is essential to us, because it is thanks to it that we have evolved.

A committed brand

Since our beginnings, we have wanted to offer the best possible product, while strictly respecting our human and social values.

Committed to the respect of all

Our fabrics all come from France, UK or Portugal. Our workshops are in France for gloves, and in Portugal for our textile range. We make sure that all workers work in optimal conditions and that the wages allow a decent standard of living. We refuse to allow our products to be sold on Amazon-type platforms, and we carefully select our resellers, with a preference for independents, passionate like us about quality clothing.

Committed to the environment

While we are not yet committed to a fully organic approach, we work on a daily basis to avoid wasting resources and limit our impact on the environment:

  • Production in Europe (Portugal) or in France. Our clothes do not cross the earth 3 times to reach your shelves. -
  • No overproduction, much to the dismay of some, we only produce a limited amount each season. We prefer to be out of stock than to find our clothes at the ragpickers
  • Natural materials and dyes: we limit the use of chemicals as much as possible in our production, in order to avoid a deleterious impact on the environment and on the workers in our workshops.

Slow fashion

Our desire to control our production and our stocks was born in opposition to this catastrophic trend which has been born in recent years: fast fashion. By designing timeless cuts, using strong and durable materials, we work to fight against waste. All of our products are designed to accompany you for years to come. We are convinced that it is not necessary to change our wardrobe every year, and on the contrary, wearing clothes that have weathered according to our lifestyle is much more rewarding.

A fair price

We are not a luxury brand, and we try as much as possible to align our prices with those of the market. However, our production and distribution choices obviously have an impact on the price you will pay. However, we have chosen to pay our workshops better and reduce our margins in order to be able to offer a fair price, in line with the quality of our products. And that same t-shirt that you paid € 39 will last for several years… can you say the same with a t-shirt that paid € 5? This choice of a relatively small margin also has an impact on the functioning of our brand: no huge marketing campaign, no advertising in the media… Our customers are our best ambassadors!

We are not alone!

In recent years, many brands have decided to take over fashion to offer an alternative offer to major brands. By buying these brands, you are supporting a new vision of fashion and the economy, closer to their customers, suppliers and retailers.

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